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When implementing ERP, organizations are forced to consider the processes that ERP affects.

The Internet of Things refers to the connection between people, devices, or machines and the applications that can turn all of the data those connections generate into intelligence.

One of the critical aspects of any enterprise resource planning software implementation is change management.

There are a number of reasons why a company would implement an enterprise resource planning solution.

Traditionally, the ERP system automates the management of purchasing, distribution, and human resources. CRM systems are customer facing and manage sales, customer service, and lead generation.

If you aren’t using a CRM, you are light years behind your competition in regards to the amount of knowledge you have on your customers and your interactions with them.

It wasn’t long ago that big data was the next big thing. Using a combination of technology and methodology, big data promised to take huge data sets and expose correlations that highlight business trends.

Choosing the right metrics to measure your CRM efforts is one of the most important parts of establishing a successful CRM system.

Organizations implementing ERP software are ultimately looking to improve their business productivity and efficiency through innovative technology.

Dependent upon the size and growth of an organization, opinions on the importance of IT strategy can vary. A current audit of your organization’s infrastructure, staff and budget can give you a baseline to benchmark against during organizational and IT changes.

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