Mobile Applications Overview

Soft1 Mobile CRM

Soft1 mCRM application offers substantial capabilities to company executives, enabling them to access critical real-time customer data while on the move. Soft1 Mobile CRM

Soft1 QuickView

Soft1 QuickView application offers a quick view of a company's financial picture. Soft1 QuickView

Soft1 MyPortal

Soft1 MyPortal mobile application offers the ability to view the active data gadgets designed in the Soft1 Portal of the main system. Soft1 MyPortal

Soft1 PDA Sales

Soft1 Mobile Sales application improves your overall sales performance whether on the road or with a customer. Soft1 PDA Sales

Soft1 PDA Warehouse

Soft1 Mobile Warehouse application is a modern solution that allows the efficient organization and management of company warehouses. Soft1 PDA Warehouse

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