Soft1 Mobile CRM

Soft1 Mobile CRM

Efficient Customer Relationship Management lies nowadays at the heart of every modern business.

Soft1 mCRM application offers substantial capabilities to company executives, enabling them to access critical real-time customer data while on the move and increases sales and service effectiveness at every stage of the customer relationship cycle.

Soft1 mCRM mobile application is easily implementable in all Soft1 installations, regardless of their operating model (on-premise or in the cloud).
Easily, at low cost and without technical difficulties!

Company executives can easily work from a mobile device regardless of where they are located and access important information on sales – orders – support issues – leads and opportunities and to carry out tasks related to payments.

With Soft1 mCRM every company can now achieve significant reduction of operating costs, maximize its executives’ productivity and improve its customer service quality.


  • Contact and customer management
  • Calendar - Meetings - Calls
  • Leads & Opportunities
  • Task management
  • Orders - Sales - Payment Collections
  • Items


  • Increase of productivity
  • Improve sales performance
  • Immediate management of orders and payments
  • Increased quality of offered services
  • Elevate customer satisfaction index
  • Prompt and proper decision making

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