Soft1 myCustomer

Soft1 myCustomer

Soft1 Open Enterprise edition supports the contemporary "open enterprise" with innovative technologies and a series of web & mobile applications.

Soft1 myCustomer service enhances and improves the efficiency of your daily business transactions with your customers. It also helps in strengthening the relations with your partners while reducing your operational expenses.

Companies that use the Soft1 Open Enterprise edition may now take advantage of "myCustomer" to offer their clients significant new features such as:

  • Notification by e-mail every time that an invoice gets issued
  • Access to a dedicated portal, to view all issued documents
  • Access the status of their orders and their financial record
  • View the statistics of their purchases
  • Access your latest price lists

With the new capabilities offered by the "myCustomer" service, every business has the ability to strengthen relationships with its clients, automate and improve its daily transactions while reducing its operational costs.

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