Veprimtaria ndërkombëtare

Veprimtaria ndërkombëtare

Soft1 products and solutions meet the business and technical specifications internationally.

Since its founding, the company growth strategy included offering its products and services internationally. Expanding in Central and Eastern Europe was SoftOne's first priority.

Subsidiary company SoftOne Romania: The new company SoftOne Open Enterprise Solutions SRL is in full operation, with highly skilled personnel offering advanced services and support, both in the Romanian and Eastern Europe market.
The company's headquarters are located in Bucharest (address: 25, Av. Stefan Sanatescu, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania), telephone number: +40 212 24 3925.
For more information, visit: www.softone.ro

International Partnerships: SoftOne establishes partnerships with specialized IT dealers that attend well organized training programs in order to be certified as Regional Integrators. It should be noted that software installations implemented by new partners, are strictly under SoftOne's direct supervision and attendance for a reasonable period of time.

International product features

Multilingual: Soft1 ERP can be easily translated by any competent carrier. All language indications (field titles, messages etc.) are fully decentralized from the application’s code. The Soft1 embedded management tools provide any user the ability to easily manage linguistics changes and updates. Soft1 has already been translated in the English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Russian and Turkish languages.

Localization: Soft1 efficiently manages any applicable tax legislation based on specific standards, embedded in the application’s code. The exisiting national legislation forms an integral part of Soft1 that is also subject to the analysis, development and quality control process set for the application itself. The Soft1’s chosen language does not necessarily refers to the national tax or local business process legislation. For example, an English Soft1 installation can operate as well based on Bulgarian legislation.

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    SoftOne Technologies SH.A u themelua në vitin 2002 dhe operon kryesisht në fushën e zhvillimit të produkteve dhe shërbimeve inovatore business Software.Me një personel ndër më të kualifikuarit dhe me eksperiencë të gjerë ,Soft1 është vlersuar disa herë me çmime për produktet e tij inovatore dhe rolin e tij kryesor në treg.

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