Përse soft1 është zgjedhja e duhur për ju?

Përse soft1 është zgjedhja e duhur për ju?

SoftOne is a dynamic software vendor with a strong presence in several international markets. With thousands of customers worldwide, our software fully addresses the needs of growing and midsize businesses, having earned numerous awards for market leadership and innovation.

Soft1 solutions are powerful, integrated and simple. They unify business processes across the enterprise, using a single, integrated platform for Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, CRM, Production and Field Service Management. As a result, Soft1 allows companies to automate key business functions across all departments, including sales, marketing, service, finance, inventory, order fulfilment and purchasing.

Soft1 is designed with the necessary modularity and flexibility to meet your specific business needs. It is fully configurable and extensible, integrating easily with other systems. Also, Soft1 is optimized for cloud operation and provides a full range of web and mobile applications that enhance significantly the options for enterprise mobility.

The deployment options are also flexible. Customers can choose on-premise, hosted, or SaaS model and switch easily between them as needs change. Without losing performance and with no restrictions in functionality, our customers can adapt the solutions to their actual needs, maximizing the return on their investment.

With Soft1, customers choose the functionality, deployment and licensing option that best fits them.

The "Top 5 Reasons" why companies select Soft1 are:

  • Ready-to-run, comprehensive solution
  • Cloud / SaaS operation
  • Anywhere, anytime, any device access (mobility)
  • Highly customizable functions
  • Low Cost of Ownership




  • Soft1 ERP

    Soft1 ERP

    Soft1 ERP is a comprehensive business solution that helps your business grow, adapt quickly to change and seize new market opportunities as they arise. Soft1 ERP
  • Soft1 Cloud ERP

    Soft1 Cloud ERP

    Soft1 Cloud ERP is a state-of-the-art cloud ERP solution that provides clear and significant advantages. Every business may now operate a complete, high-end IT system, without any compromises in reliability and security. Soft1 Cloud ERP
  • Teknologjia Soft1

    Soft1 TechnologySoftueri Soft1 paraqet një numër të madh avantazhesh në lidhje me strukturën arkitektonike të tij , me teknologjinë që përdor dhe funksionet që kryen.

  • Teknologjitë Soft1 Cloud

    Cloud DeploymentSoft1 Cloud ERP operon në data centers më moderne të Microsoft dhe përdor në mënyrën më të mirë avantazhet teknologjike të platformës Windows Azure të Cloud..

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