SoftOne introduces a new retail solution

Monday, 16 February 2015
SoftOne introduces a new retail solution

SoftOne presents Retail Studio by iQom, a comprehensive business solution that provides every retail company with the necessary functionality to optimize its business processes and improve its overall efficiency.

Retail Studio fully addresses the needs of any retail business -regardless of its size, segment of involvement and operational model- including individual stores, big retail chains and franchise enterprises.

Featuring applications for handling peripheral devices such as PDAs, price verifiers and weighing scales, Retail Studio is compatible with any hardware available in the market. The solution generates immediate value through extensive process automation, enabling retail companies to simplify painful daily tasks, prevent transactions errors and increase their productivity.

Its embedded modules, BI tools and reporting capabilities ensure real-time visibility in every transaction, ideally serving information needs related to store performance. Packed with CRM tools and functions that support promotions and loyalty schemes, the software provides valuable information on consumers’ purchasing behavior, assisting any company to better serve its customers.

Retail Studio easily integrates with Soft1 ERP, providing every retail business with a complete set of tools to improve its sales performance.

Learn more about Retail Studio by iQomalt


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